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  • Review your Social Media History

  • Engage with Findings & Content

  • Edit, Update and Improve your Online Material

Developed by leading Psychologists

We change as people through age and experience and what we thought was appropriate at one time, may no longer be the case.

Dr Amy McKee, Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist


It is entirely normal for an individual to have over 6000 social media posts across multiple platforms, going back decades.

If it takes on average 10 seconds to review one post, for one issue, that’s approaching 1000 hours to review an entire online history!

We review content for seven areas of analysis and can complete this task in minutes, not days!

Who is using Social Media Checks?

Many people are using a Social Media Check review to ensure that their online activity accurately reflects their current views and opinions:

  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • People in Positions of Responsibility

What is your data checked for?

  • Hate Speech

  • Swearing & Profanity

  • Violent Images

  • Negative Sentiment

  • Pornographic Images

Our Platforms

We offer approved, authenticated and secure access to leading Social Media sites, including the option to provide multiple accounts on a social media network.

100% Automated Software

Unlike competitive products, our Social Media Check is software driven. No human checking, no unconscious bias or risk that a person is going to miss content. Completely removes any subjectivity.

Checks are only made after full consent obtained

We only conduct a Social Media Check once the person to be checked (subject) has provided consent. Consent is required for each social platform used by the subject and once provided, the check will analyse both public and private posts within the subject’s social media account(s)

How it works

How it works

Subject upload & Consent Request

The personal details of the person being checked (the subject) are unput and an automated “Consent Request” email is sent.

Consent Received & Report Generated

Once consent has been received,the Social Media Check will be conducted.


Reports are generated in under 30 minutes and automatically sent to the client (the requestor) and the person being checked (the subject) for review.

End User Report Review & Clean-Up

Reports provide the person being checked (the subject) with links to content considered inappropriate.


The subject has the opportunity to remove the content and to request a second report.


The second report is executed and is issued to the subject and also stored within the portal for review by the requestor.

What makes "Social Media Check" different?

  • Reports generated in under 30 minutes
  • Automated analysis, extraction and report generation processes
  • 100% private (i.e. no human intervention at any stage of Social Media Check)
  • Consent obtained for Public AND Private posts across all social media platforms
  • UK-Based Solution platform, ISO 27001 compliant and Fully Secure
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • 2 Stage Reporting allows the consenting subject to clean up their Social Media accounts
  • Local solution hosting options (minimum report subscriptions apply)

Answers to your questions.

A social media check will interpret the consenting individuals (subjects) social media accounts are reviewed in order to gain insight to the individual, their interests and hobbies and any groups to which they may be subscribed to.

Yes. The individual for whom the check is required (the subject) must consent to the check being conducted. Output is hosted on a secure solution and the output can be made available to both the requestor and the subject.

An automated social media check costs just £59.00 per report (plus VAT). Volume discounts apply, contact us for a quote.


The Social Media Check platform cannot perform a check without the consent of the person to whom the check relates (the subject). Consents are (a) initially for the report to be conducted, then (b) for each platform that the subject is happy for us to check.


The Social Media Check platform is automated and the content of an individuals Social Media is reviewed using algorithms and data extraction routines.

The time taken for a social media check will vary on two factors (a) the number of social media platforms the subject has, and (b) the frequency of post made by the subject.

A check conducted for an individual with accounts on the most popular social media platforms with an average number of posts will take less than minutes to complete (post consent received).