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Social Media Check has been designed specifically for individuals and businesses, ensuring both personal and company reputation can be maintained.

Individuals would find doing a Social Media Check useful when going for a job or promotion, applying for a student place, university or work placement or when joining a sports team.

Businesses would benefit from using Social Media Check when they are looking to hire a new employee or offer an existing employee a promotion.

The cost of buying a report is £39.99 and can be purchased quickly and easily. You can buy the report for yourself or another individual (e.g. son/daughter) or as a gift for a friend.

You can buy your report quickly and easily here today.

Individuals can post several times a day over a number of different platforms over a period of years. This amounts to thousands of written posts that need to be checked. If it takes 10 seconds to manually check each post it could take someone days to review a whole online history.

Social Media Check can do this in under 30 minutes with no issue around unconscious bias or human error. All you need to do is purchase the report, tick the social media platforms you want checking, then sit back and wait for the report to arrive in your inbox.

Yes, you can buy a report for someone else. This option is available to you when you go through the report buying process.

As a parent/guardian, it is useful buying a report for your child to protect their online reputation. In particular, before they apply for further education or at a time when they’re thinking about their first job or summer employment.

For a small business, the cost of buying a report is £39.99 and can be purchased quickly and easily.

You can buy a report for yourself or for an individual HERE.

For larger businesses, we offer tailor-made support to help you make a decision that is right for your business.

Email our business support team today on

The individual receives an email asking them to consent to a social media check being conducted. The email details the company requesting the report so that this individual is aware of why this report has been requested and by whom.

The individual then has to consent to share their social media account credentials with Social Media Check in order to grant access to each individual social media account.

Only when these consents for each platform have been received can a social media check report be conducted. If an individual doesn’t consent, the report cannot be conducted.

The Social Media Check platform distributes the report and the certificate to the person who requested it. The individual whose accounts have been checked can receive a copy of the report, but this would have to be done by the requestor manually.

Yes, providing the business that requested the report has shared it with the individual.

The report contains links to content under the 10 key risk classifiers. This allows the business and the individual to click on the link, review the highlighted content and, if appropriate, for the individual to update the content or delete the post entirely.

The business and/or individual then has the opportunity to buy a second report to do a final check if desired.

The 6 main social media platforms that are checked include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Medium and Tumblr.

Each social media platform is checked against the ten key classifiers – extremist groups, hate speech, potential nudity, swearing and profanity, toxic language, violent images, drugs, weapons, firearms, client keywords.

The final report shows findings against each of these classifiers.

The time taken for a report to be generated depends on the number of social media platforms analysed and the number of posts needed to be reviewed.

A check conducted for an individual with accounts on the most popular social media platforms, with an average number of posts, will take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete once consent has been received.

For individuals and small businesses, reports are emailed to the individual who originally requested and paid for it. There is then the option to download and save the report as a pdf for future reference.

For large businesses, all social media reports are retained within a UK secure portal for a period of 90-days. If this timescale needs to be lengthened, this can be achieved by contacting us at

The report contains lots of useful information including the number of platforms analysed, how many posts have been checked and the number of posts with findings.

Each inappropriate post is allocated against one of the 7 classifiers (e.g. swearing and profanity, hate speech, potential nudity) with a description of the finding and a link to the content.

The individual can view the post by clicking on the link. This post can then be amended or deleted as appropriate.

A Social Media Risk certificate is included at the end of the report which proves useful at job interviews, for example.

Social Media Check will only check the channels that have been consented to by an individual.
The content that the system then analyses includes the posts, blogs, titles, text and images within these posts.
Content that is not currently analysed includes private messages, comments made by the individual on another persons posts, video and liked posts.
We operate a ‘fair usage’ policy in relation to the overall volume of posts that we analyse within a report and where these are exceptionally high, we may limit the overall number that are processed. Whilst all sites operate in different ways, a ceiling limit is in place on Twitter for the analysis of the most recent 3200 posts per candidate. If you have any questions about a specific report or post limits, please contact us and we will happily review any queries or questions you have. 

Yes, the entire process complies with GDPR regulations. The individual for whom the check is required must consent to the check being conducted. Without this consent, the check cannot be undertaken.

No, Social Media Check does not obtain your passwords, nor has sight of them at any time. The process is fully automated and uses OAuth which stands for Open Authorisation. This allows third party services, like Social Media Check, to exchange your information without having to give away your password. 
You can be reassured that your accounts are fully secure, using internationally accredited and approved development standards, and there is no need to change your passwords after the check is complete. 
Yes, the Social Media Check solution (including hosting services and software) complies with the most stringent data security legislation (ISO27001) to ensure that your data is safe. All data that is submitted, processed, controlled and reported is encrypted as standard and we do not use your data for anything except the report.
Reports that are agreed to be stored on UK based data centres are kept for 90 days before being archived in an encrypted format. This storage option is available for business customers only.

No, undergoing a social media check is for your reference only and the process is confidential and 100% secure. The final report is delivered to your chosen inbox. It is then up to you to decide how you would like to share this information.

What our customers are saying

Our role is to protect and support our clients. We feel confident that with Social Media Checks service in place we now have that added level of security, ensuring that we are bringing the right people to The Maggie Oliver Foundation.

Maggie Oliver, The Maggie oliver foundation

Social Media Check have supported NYAS by enhancing our safer recruitment process through providing additional checks on top of the usual reference and enhanced DBS checks. This additional element of our recruitment process has added real value for NYAS as well as providing an extra layer of reassurance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Ben Hart and his team at Social Media Check for any organisation involved in recruiting, but especially any organisations involved with providing a front line service to children, young people and vulnerable adults. The work they do should be a standard requirement of all recruitment drives.

Rita Waters GCE, National Youth Advocacy Service

This is an approach that everyone who has ever used social media should consider.

Nick Robinson Chairman, The Isthmian League

The output report is the best we have seen in the market. It clearly identifies the social platforms that have been checked and provides links to any offensive posts within the report.

This has been critical to allowing the end-user to clean up their accounts quickly and easily.

Recruitment Agency, Cheshire.

The fact that Social Media Check obtains full consent for every platform means that my reports contain both public and private post findings.

This was a key requirement for us when looking at our sensitive end-user accounts.

Trusted Customer.

It’s easy to forget what I posted in my teens and I was shocked at what the report found, it certainly doesn’t represent me now! Happily with one click those comments and posts are gone for good and I can be confident of my online profile thanks to Social Media Check.

Olivia Cooper