Simple screening with comprehensive reporting

  • Two step consent and report process

  • Consent confirmed online

  • Findings delivered to your inbox in minutes

  • Report available to individuals and businesses

Report for individuals

  • Buying a report for personal use
  • Buying for a family member or friend
  • Gifting a report for someone else
Control what your social media says about when changing jobs or applying for University.

Report for businesses

  • Recruiting someone new
  • Promoting an existing employee
  • Checking an employee online profile
  • Before an annual performance review

Risks identified in the report

  • Extremist groups
  • Hate speech
  • Potential nudity
  • Swearing and profanity
  • Toxic language
  • Violent image
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Firearms
  • Client keywords

View our consent process video HERE
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The process takes minutes

The process takes minutes

Online form and consent

Complete the online form HERE and consent to the check of each social platform

Quick generation of report

Report delivered to email inbox within 30 minutes

Clean up your social media accounts

Option to amend or delete posts and request a second report 

It’s easy to forget what I posted in my teens and I was shocked at what the report found, it certainly doesn’t represent me now! Happily with one click those comments and posts are gone for good and I can be confident of my online profile thanks to Social Media Check.

Olivia Cooper

Answers to your questions

The 6 main social media platforms that are checked include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Medium and Tumblr.

The scope of Social Media Check varies for each social media platform. More information on what is in scope can be found HERE.

Each social media platform is checked against the seven key classifiers – Extremist Groups, Swearing and Profanity, Negative Statement, Hate Speech, Violent Images, Potential Nudity, Toxic language. 

The final report shows findings against each of these classifiers.

The time taken for a report to be generated depends on the number of social media platforms analysed and the number of posts needed to be reviewed.

A check conducted for an individual with accounts on the most popular social media platforms, with an average number of posts, will take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete once consent has been received.

For individuals and small businesses, reports are emailed to the individual who originally requested and paid for it. There is then the option to download and save the report as a pdf for future reference.

For large businesses, all social media reports are retained within a UK secure portal for a period of 90-days. If this timescale needs to be lengthened, this can be achieved by contacting us at

The report contains lots of useful information including the number of platforms analysed, how many posts have been checked and the number of posts with findings.

Each inappropriate post is allocated against one of the 11 classifiers (e.g. swearing and profanity, hate speech, adult images) with a description of the finding and a link to the content.  

The individual can view the post by clicking on the link. This post can then be amended or deleted as appropriate.

A Social Media Risk certificate is included at the end of the report which proves useful at job interviews, for example.

Social Media Check will only check the channels that have been consented to by an individual.
The content that the system then analyses includes the posts, blogs, titles, text and images within these posts.
Content that is not currently analysed includes private messages, comments made by the individual on another person’s posts, video,s and liked posts.
We operate a ‘fair usage’ policy in relation to the overall volume of posts that we analyse within a report and where these are exceptionally high, we may limit the overall number that are processed. Whilst all sites operate in different ways, a ceiling limit is in place on Twitter for the analysis of the most recent 3200 posts per candidate. If you have any questions about a specific report or post limits, please contact us and we will happily review any queries or questions you have.