Reliable and fast social media check

About Us

Our primary objective is to protect your company, your brand and yourself.

Whether you are looking for a new job, going to university or are a business looking to expand their team, our aim is to provide the information needed to make an informed decision, to reduce risk and to avoid potential embarrassment.

Our story

The risk presented by social media has been growing over the years and the opportunity to identify inappropriate content quickly and easily became evident.

A team of experts was carefully selected to create, build and deliver a market-leading, cost-effective and easy-to-use social media screening solution suitable for everyone. This grounding of expertise and knowledge has resulted in a revolutionary solution that is relied upon by consumers and industries across the board.

Our team

Industry-leading experts have all contributed to the development of Social Media Check.

The team is made up of clinical forensic psychologists, a leading barrister, a high court judge, senior officers from the Police and a company with 15 years of information security management.

Developed with experts

Studies show that a persons’ online behaviour will be directly reflective of their offline behaviour.

Dr Amy McKee, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

We must make best endeavours to understand who we are hiring “we didn’t know” will no longer be an excuse.

Dr Amy McKee, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

We change as people through age and experience and what we thought was appropriate at one time, may no longer be the case.

Dr Amy McKee, Consultant Clinical Psychologist