Social media screening to comply with new KCSIE guidelines

  • Supports the safeguarding of pupils

  • Avoids any behavioural and reputational risk in the hiring of front-line staff

  • Designed for the education sector

  • Used by Educational Trusts, primary and secondary schools

Quick screening with comprehensive reporting

  • Automated check of an applicant’s social media history 
  • Report detailing harmful content delivered in minutes
  • Risks identified across 10 key categories 
Online social media history review.

Reliable analysis of an applicant’s social media profile

  • Avoid missing inappropriate content by manual searching
  • No unconscious bias – 100% automated analysis
  • GDPR compliant – fully consented model
  • Checks all public and private posts across major social media platforms

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Employee social media screening

Why choose us?

  • Ready made solution used in public and private sectors including Police Constabularies, Liberal Democrats, BBC, Sports and Entertainment industries
  • Approved app partners of the social media platforms

How it works

How it works

Online form and consent

Complete the online form HERE and consent to the check of each social platform

Quick generation of report

Report delivered to email inbox within 30 minutes

Clean up your social media accounts

Option to amend or delete posts and buy a second report if required

Answers to your questions

The applicant receives an email asking them to consent to a social media check being conducted. The email details the company requesting the report so that this individual is aware of why this report has been requested and by whom.

The individual then has to consent to share their social media account credentials with Social Media Check in order to grant access to each individual social media account.

Only when these consents for each platform have been received can a social media check report be conducted. If an individual doesn’t consent, the report cannot be conducted.

The Social Media Check platform distributes the report and the certificate to the person who requested it. The individual whose accounts have been checked can receive a copy of the report, but this would have to be done by the requestor manually.

The 6 main social media platforms that are checked include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Medium and Tumblr.

Each social media platform is checked against the 10 key classifiers:

  • Extremist groups
  • Hate speech
  • Potential nudity
  • Swearing and profanity
  • Toxic language
  • Violent image
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Firearms
  • Client keywords

The final report shows findings against each of these classifiers.

Social Media Check will only check the channels that have been consented to by the individual.

The content that the system then analyses includes posts, tweets, retweets, blogs, titles, text within posts and images within posts.

Content that is not analysed include private messages, liked posts, comments made by user on other posts, video, personal profile information and the accounts the user is following.

Yes, the Social Media Check solution (including hosting services and software) complies with the most stringent data security legislation (ISO27001) to ensure that your data is safe. All data that is submitted, processed, controlled and reported is encrypted as standard and we do not use your data for anything except the report.

Reports that are agreed to be stored on UK-based data centres are kept for 90 days before being archived in an encrypted format. This storage option is available for business customers only.

What our customers are saying

With multiple schools in our Trust, we needed a quick, cost-effective and compliant procedure to conduct on-line checks of candidates. Social Media Check’s automated solution has been very effective. It is quicker and more comprehensive than a manual check, with results often delivered in under an hour.

Debbie Duggan, Operational Resources Director The Two Counties Trust

With the changes to the KCSIE guidelines, we needed an efficient, cost effective and compliant way to conduct online checks. Manually checking is time consuming and can find characteristics irrelevant to a hire. Social Media Check’s automated solution reduces the risk of subjectivity and unconscious bias and its ease of use and comprehensive reporting has enabled us to realise operational efficiencies in our recruitment process.

Gail Murphy Operations Manager, Lumen Learning Trust

As a leading Non for profit in the North West charged with helping businesses protect themselves from Cyber Threats,  Social Media Check is an invaluable tool to help us ensure that our people represent the values of our organisation.

Grace Hulse, Detective Inspector North West Cyber Resilience Centre
North West Regional Organised Crime Unit

The team at Social Media Check could not have done more for us – their service was not only extremely cost-effective for our needs, but their development team and customer service were among the most responsive I have ever experienced.

These checks are far more illuminating than any standard employment reference, and are absolutely the future of risk-mitigation when hiring high-profile members of staff or appointing Directors.

Leshia Hawkins CEO, Cricket Wales

Social Media Check have supported NYAS by enhancing our safer recruitment process through providing additional checks on top of the usual reference and enhanced DBS checks. This additional element of our recruitment process has added real value for NYAS as well as providing an extra layer of reassurance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Ben Hart and his team at Social Media Check for any organisation involved in recruiting, but especially any organisations involved with providing a front line service to children, young people and vulnerable adults. The work they do should be a standard requirement of all recruitment drives.

Rita Waters GCE, National Youth Advocacy Service

Our role is to protect and support our clients. We feel confident that with Social Media Checks service in place we now have that added level of security, ensuring that we are bringing the right people to The Maggie Oliver Foundation.

Maggie Oliver, The Maggie Oliver Foundation

Our previous agency used to take 5 working days to complete our social media checks, these are now completed in about 15 minutes!

Paul Trevor, CEO

The fact that Social Media Check obtains full consent for every platform means that my reports contain both public and private post findings.

This was a key requirement for us when looking at our sensitive end-user accounts.

Trusted Customer.

We love the fact that the end-user is sent a copy of the Social Media Check report. They can then clean-up their own social accounts before letting us know that they are ready for the final report to be generated.

This seemed to be a fairer way of working to us and it improved end-user buy-in to the whole process.

Talent Agency, North West.

The output report is the best we have seen in the market. It clearly identifies the social platforms that have been checked and provides links to any offensive posts within the report.

This has been critical to allowing the end-user to clean up their accounts quickly and easily.

Recruitment Agency, Cheshire.