Control what your social media says about you

Quick and reliable analysis of your social media history. Control what your social media says about you with Social Media Check.
  • Review your Social Media History

  • Avoid embarrassment

  • Analyse all public and private posts

  • Save hours of manual searching

Quick and reliable analysis of your social media history. Control what your social media says about you with Social Media Check.

Stay in control

Don’t get caught out by a post you wrote ten years ago. Take back control over your social media and ensure your posts are saying what you want them to say.

Whether you’re a parent, looking for a new job or in a position of responsibility, Social Media Check will give you the reassurance needed to land that promotion and avoid any potential embarrassment.

Social Media recruitment screening for businesses.

Don’t allow your social media to let you down

Individuals can post on social media several times a day and across multiple platforms going back decades. Taking 10 seconds to check each post could result in days to review an entire online history. That’s a lot of time to find!

Social Media Check can do this for you in a matter of minutes.

Control what your social media says about when changing jobs or applying for University.

What the report can do for you

  • Protect personal brand
  • Avoid embarrassment
  • Save hours of manual searching 
  • Analyse all posts, public and private
  • Allows you to quickly clean up your social Media 

How to run a Social Media Check

How to run a Social Media Check

Complete the online form

Complete the online form HERE and consent to the check of each social platform.

Consent Received & Report Generated

Report delivered to email inbox within minutes.

Control your social media

The individual can amend and delete posts with the option to request a second report.

Identify problems before they arise

The Social Media Check report highlights all public and private posts that fall into seven key categories.

  • Extremist groups
  • Swearing and profanity
  • Negative sentiment
  • Hate speech
  • Violent images
  • Adult images
  • Toxic language

With comprehensive screening and easy-to-understand reports, you can be reassured that your social media reflects the you of today and not the you from yesterday.

Reliable and fast social media check

Why we're different?

  • Reports generated in under 30 minutes
  • 100% private (i.e. no human intervention at any stage of Social Media Check)
  • Consent obtained for Public AND Private posts
  • GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant, and fully secure

It’s easy to forget what I posted in my teens and I was shocked at what the check found, it certainly doesn’t represent me now! Happily with one click those comments and posts are gone for good and I can be confident of my online profile thanks to Social Media Check.

Olivia Cooper

The cost of buying a report is £29.99 and can be purchased quickly and easily. You can buy the report for yourself or another individual (e.g. son/daughter) or as a gift for a friend.

You can buy your report quickly and easily HERE today.

Individuals can post several times a day over a number of different platforms over a period of years. This amounts to thousands of written posts that need to be checked. If it takes 10 seconds to manually check each post it could take someone days to review a whole online history.

Social Media Check can do this in a matter of minutes with no issue around unconscious bias or human error. All you need to do is purchase the report, tick the social media platforms you want checking, then sit back and wait for the report to arrive in your inbox.

Yes, you can buy a report for someone else. This option is available to you when you go through the report buying process. 

As a parent/guardian, it is useful buying a report for your child to protect their online reputation. In particular, before they apply for college or university or at a time when they’re thinking about their first job or summer employment?

No, undergoing a social media check is for your reference only and the process is confidential and 100% secure. The final report is delivered to your chosen inbox. It is then up to you to decide how you would like to share this information